Sofas, good vibes and of course a DJ. “Klubben” is the perfect place to take a break from the busy life on the festival.


The heart of the festival is always located in the middle of the site, to make your view over all the happy people the best.

We recommend taking a ride at sunset, or during the last show of the night – which is a spectacular view.


Who doesn’t like a cool piece of art on their Instagram feed?

Well, take a picture with one of the installations and upload it to Instagram, and you’re in the draw for tickets for next years festival.


Bad hair day? We’ve got ut!

The hairdressers are here to help you get you festival-hair braided and ready for another fun day.


Had to skip shaving to stand in front of the first concert?

No worries! Just stop by the barber shop and get your beard or hair ready for a new day at the festival.


Do you love your life? Then stay away from this one!

Feel the adrenaline rush as you turn upside down. This will get you pumped before the show you’ve been looking forward to!


Need to recharge? Just come here.

Grab some food and head over to the Strawberry Fields park. Here you can lay down in the grass, sit on a blanket, or get some much sought after shade.


Come play with us!

You’re never too old to have som fun. Clothing and sneaker retailer Urban are here to make you jump into the ballpit, roll around the the rollerskate-rink and play some mini golf.


Design your own merch!

Our friends in Fløyel Shop lets you make your own merch. Just pick a shirt, choose your text and color, and you’ve got yourself a unique customized Stavern-sweater.


With a charging-station for phones, a wheel of fortune, and of course some great advice on have to have fun at a festival without breaking the bank, DNB are hare to make your festival better.


They have a bus filled with games and competitions, what more do you need to know?

Oh, and they have a sundeck with the best view over the main stage. And of coure, bean bags all around for you to sit in. You should stop by!


Is it even a festival without some glitter, fake tattoos, and feeling like a star?

We don’t think so. Get inside the glitter and tattoo shop to get you best festival-look on!