Here you’ll find practical information about the festival. How to get here? When do we open? Can I bring my pet? Is there any parking opportunities? It’s all answered here.

Our best recommendation is staying at our own Camp. You don’t get any closer to the festival than this, and you get to experience the great feeling of Stavernfestivalen in 6 whole day. Buy you camping ticket here.

If you rather prefer the comfort of sleeping in a hotel, you’ll find the closest options in Larvik and Stavern.
If you’re so unlucky that the hotels in Larvik and Stavern is fully booked the second best option is staying in either Sandefjord or Tønsberg.
We are setting up night buses to both Sandefjord and Tønsberg all festival days, so you’ll come home from the festival quick and easy. In other words there’s no reason not to join the party!

Stavernfestivalen is located between the two cities Larvik and Stavern, an hour and a half south of Oslo.

If you’re traveling from abroad you can fly to either two of Oslos airports:

Oslo Gardermoen – 2,5 hours by train from the festival. The largest airport with the most flight options.
Oslo Sandefjord (Torp) – 25 mins by train from the festival. Smaller airport with fewer flights.


Minimum 20 years old.


No age limit. Children up to 15 years old has to bring a parent. Children up to 12 years old has free entry along with a paying adult. From 13 years and up ordinary prices apply.

For a great experience at Stavern you should remember to bring these things:

GOOD SHOES. Leave the flip flops at home, and put on a pair of sneakers. Remember; festivals can get dirty, so stay away from the white ones. 

HOODIE/JACKET. It’s sunny at daytime, but at night it can get colder. Come prepared. 

SHADES. Either you use them to complete the outfit, or for checking out people without getting noticed, these are a must. 

SUNSCREEN. Sunburnt skin may turn brown eventually, but not during the festival, stay protected.

PONCHO. Usually the sun shines in Stavern, but bring it just in case.

EARPLUGS. Protect your hearing. Especially if you’re in front of the stage.

YOUR BEST STAVERN MOOD! There’s nothing we love more than seeing all your happy faces. So smile and be happy, and we’ll provide a great festival. 


Professional camera and audio/video recording equipment

Bottles (also plastic ones)


Selfie sticks

Outside food

Chairs and other camping gear

All other objects that are illegal by law. 

Stavernfestivalen is held in a somewhat hilly golf course. There are no paved pathways here, so all traveling is to be done over mowed grass. In case of rain this can be slippery. Some hills are a bit steep so some persons may want to bring power chairs, og someone to help push if needed. It’s recommended to use a power chair at the festival.

We have a limited number of free tickets for companions. If you wish to reserve a free ticket for your companion, reach out to us on

To get home from the festival the fastest and easiest way is to take the night bus. This you can read more about here.

The «Stavernsveien» road will be closed in a certain period after the festival is over, making taxi- and privat pickups impossible at the festival entrance. This has to happen closer to Larvik city.

From the festival it’s a short walk of 2km to get to Larvik.

The application for press credential opens May 1st, and closes at July 5th.

To apply you must be at least 18 years old.

You’ll fill out the application here.

Want to learn more about protection of your ears? Visit

When attending the festival, you as a parent is responsible for your own children.

We believe that children enjoy festivals when going with responsible adults.

When bringing children to the festival, we both recommend and request that you don’t drink alcohol.

We also recommend staying close to your children at all times, and keep reasonable distance to the stages after 21:00, when the pressure in front of the stages tend to get bigger at night.

It’s also a smart thing to bring earplugs for the children.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for here?

The fastest way to get a respond on your question is by sending us a message on Facebook, alternatively send us an email to


FRIDAY July 12th: TBA



Festivals should be fun! Some rules apply to make the experience better for everyone, as mentioned above. At Stavernfestivalen it’s mandatory to bring you best mood, and think about others. Therefore our most important festival rule is the golden rule:

Treat others as you want to be treated yourself. Have a great festival!